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Welcome Back..


ehem..ehem..dah lama rasa tak menaip diruangan ni..Ya Allah, rindu betul nak menaip..its already A YEAR!! omg..omg..a lots of thing happen in my life but i didn't even have opportunity to "semadikan" all my stories here..The truth is, my blog was infection with MALWARE!! damn it! super duper frust and keep thinking create the new one. Well, it does not same with the old right? Then I just keep my blog..Well,that time I think even I can't write but I still have my past story...after 1 year, I decide to open back my blogspot dashboard and TARA!!! my lovely blog back to normal...its cure by itself..magic is it? xoxo!

Nothing much to talk right now. I am to excited because IM BACK on BLOGSPOT...yeah! will keep post many things later! Now want to watch Anugerah Festival KL kat tv..chio :)

xoxo, A