It's end soon..

Salam semua..

Alhamdullilah, my faculty supervisor already done her 2nd visit to my practical company. So far the presentation is ok + the supportive company supervisor + super duper sporting faculty supervisor. Its goes well but not my report... sob sob sob..need to add some information if want to get an, the disaster does not end yet!

My super sporting + lovely supervisor


My internship will end soon!! yippppiee!!! Just count the days of my excited!! want to hold the "magical" scroll and wear the square

Now, need to complete the report and the logbooks...

FootNote :: Need to find the 'real' job!

NotaKaki :: Habes speaking!! kah kah kah..maap la penuh dengan grammer yang berkecai..cian cikgu english aku..haha


cikcimi said…
Best nyeee ! Nak practical situ boleeeee? :D
Anonymous said…
selamat menempuh alam pekerjaan plak
Cik Asfz said…
@Cik Cimi :: Boley2..anta resume..hahaha
Cik Asfz said…
@♥S@R@♥ :: tq :')

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