Pay Less, Buy More..


HELLO!! HELLO!! i want to tell you...that i..that i...that i already fall in love with Budget Barbie vlog!!

Who can spend only 100 to get their whole complete set cloth? or skin care? No right..always spend it extremely over 100..does not care what type of currency..Ringgit Malaysia? Singapore Dollar? who cares..

Qiu qiu (please do google to find out more about her) had been very good job while making her vlog..I felt so bad because i am so late to know about her..Thanks to Hanis Zalikha, i know her from Mad Market - Singapore episode!! yeay!

Mad Market (Episode 2)
Oh yes, i am little bit...em is out-to-date about all of this..pity me (T_T)..

These are some stuff that Qiu qiu got while spending $100 !! its crazy right??
Budget Blogger Stuff
Celebrity Stuff
K-Pop Stuff
and much much more..all the picture credits to and Budget Barbie fb..

So, i wanna challenge my self to shop beyond the budget which is erm...not decided yet but will update it later when i had done it! Not sure when lor..(-_-")

Buy More, Pay Less !! erm..who slogan it is?? :P

Go to Clicknetwork to watch all the Budget Barbie Vlog..

Foot Note :: Sorry for my broken english..i know grammar and vocab all mix like 'rojak'..trying harder to improve my english..thanks n tc..


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