DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Salam Readers

"Oh my baby..i lurve you so much!! please come to me..i really need you..without you i feel so empty..where r u?? please...please..please...
i need u..
need you to accompany me in any mood..

i heart you baby...come to my IPhone4..
only you understand me..
because u can chill me up..
im happy with you..

oh my IPhone4 ^_^
come to me okeyH!!"

That why i need IPhone4,
1 can always update my blog only via IPhone4 because it can access internet in anytime
I can keep in touch with my friend, my old friend..miss my friend so much :)
I can play a lot of game..wow!! i like..
i also can save all my beutiful and wonderful moment via capture picture in it..wow!! i love photoshot..
and IMPORTANT, i can make video call with my friend :D



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