aku::TAGGED ^________^

opss...im tagged??hohoho..miss izyan telah tagged sy.. ^______^

1. 3 names in your message inbox.
~lovely mum
~yahoo massenger
~celcom ^_^

2.Your main Ringtone.

3.What u did at 12 last night?
yummy....sedapnya..spe nak blanje sy choc ^,^

4.Who was the last person you went out with? where?
`secret..shhhhh ^_o

5.The colour of the T-shirt you're wearing now

6.The last thing u did
`STuDY..opss..tipu suda..hahahha..den update blog ^_^ jew..

7.3 of your everyday favorite items

8.The color of your bedroom
`green banana's leaf [ada x??haha]

9.How much money in your wallet now
`puls minus = rm 1.50 pun..tdi bli MILO AIS =RM 1.50 so, TOTAL = EMPTY......"T_____T"

10.How's life?
`just fine.

11.your favorite song
`kut mood r..hahahahaha~

12.What will you do next weekend?
`amik lesen lor..TEST JPJ..seram3x =.=

13.When was the last time you saw your mum
`mse cuti raya cina..lama x??
really miss my MUM..
"MAk!!! nak lek umah -___-"

14.where is she now?
`kat umah..mungkin sedang tido..yela, pnt keje kan..cian mak aku..love u sgt2 mak!!

15.when was the last time you talked to your parent?
`semalam..via phone..^__^

16.Who is the last person that talked with you last night?
`my lovely fren..eifa and ayu ^___^

17. where did you have dinner last night?
`bilik eifa dan yan [makan megi je pon]

18.The last surprise you got.
`dapat settlekan RUBIKK!!!!
apa yg surprise nya?
`setelah bertahun-tahun ku berhempas pulas..akhirnya bERJaYA SETTLekan..erk..ni leh kira surprise x??

19.Last thing you borrowed from your friend.
`RUBIK kak la yang sangat besau..hehehe

20.Who is your bf/gf or husband/wife?
`t aku gtaw klw da jumpe k..[klw jumpe k]

21.what do you feel now?

22.wanna share with who?
`my fren..^___^

23.who knows your secret?
`Allah and MySELF

24.they keep your secret?
`insyaAllah ands YES!!!!

25. Are you angry with someone?
`ryte now erm.. NO...

26.what do you order at McD?

27.The last time you felt so sad..

28.mahu tag?

Notakaki : sangat penat ku menjawab soklan2 diatas..cm soklan pekse plak.. :)


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